Hero throwdown Final 2016

Big thanks to all the athletes, volunteers and supporters. It was a fantastic day and the Final really lived upto the hype.
The different challenges the swim, run and Hero wod meant the athletes were constantly changing positions in the event.
The final workout was:

We had 7 Finalists competing in the Event, the qualifiers were so tough all the athletes were of a really high level:

Mike Powel, Nick Apps, Nick Stone (Crossfit 888), Ed Miller, Duncan Boltt, Oliver Beeney & Charlotte Ruff.


After the morning briefing for coaches and athletes the 7 competitors lined up on the start line with around 30 Spectators.

The race started with the 100m swim, So our life guard and park ranger Mick counted us down from his Paddleboard.


Every one one went for it on the first swim but GB triathlete Micheal Powel got out of the water 20m ahead of Duncan, who was 10m ahead of Nick Stone & Ed Miller. Next came Oli, Nick Apps & Charlotte.


Duncan closed the gap on Mike in the first run but decided breast stroke was a good option for the second swim and mike gained another 20m, Ed came out of the second swim still 10m behind Duncan and had gained a small gap on Nick Stone.


In the final swim Mike was 50m up from Duncan and appears to have the Final well won. Duncan was only just ahead of Ed in the last swim and Lost second place as he put on his shoes at the start of the run. Ed ran strong and Duncan entered the gym a second behind Ed.

Splits and positions after the run & Swim:

Mike had a 1:46 lead on Ed and had completed his first round of DT:

Mike 1st

ED 1:46

Duncan 1:47

Nick Stone 3:15

Nick Apps 8:02

Oli 6:52

Charlotte 7:42

DT @ the box & Times taken for DT to be completed:

Every athlete took a different approach to DT but ED And nick stone absolutely Smashed DT and over took Mike and Nick quickly caught Duncan.

DT is a heavy wod (70/40kg) and made even harder with wet shorts and hands. Especially after the athletes had all swam a total of 300m and run 2400m.



ED left the Box first followed by Nick Stone then Mike, Duncan, Nick Apps Charlotte & Oli.

ED 8:56

Nick Stone 9:15

Mike 14:11

Duncan 13:20

Nick apps 14:02

Charlotte 15:54

Oli: 16:24

After DT there was a 500m Race to the Finish where our supporters helped cheer the athletes home. The Final positions were:

14242294_10207271073076831_2981554156704813634_o 14409486_10207271075356888_7114213566206169800_o   14361220_10207271076596919_7184755009417906002_o 14380104_10207271076996929_2627807751664451630_o 14311294_10207271085117132_3269319225790821130_o14324341_10207271050196259_6119626089616741691_o 14289789_10207271088477216_1308433967343097445_o

Finish positions for the Hero throwdown 2016

1st ED

2nd Nick Stone 1:30

3rd Mike 3rd 3:45

4th Duncan 4th 5:19

5th Nick Apps 11:19

6th Charlotte 11:30

7th Oli: 12:47

14344745_10154423115729976_2833775862137638128_n 14359089_10157373744440177_2938249498668927536_n 14329866_10157373744685177_6613931545566965827_n14370209_10157373744715177_9125672991134030063_n

After the event we had a BBQ, Campfire and beers to celebrate. It was a fantastic afternoon with friends & Family.



14344965_10157373742425177_9123637744978886910_n-2 14355176_10157373745745177_2251306224922791410_n 14310541_10207271091677296_1325438096239929799_o





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