World Throwdown Prizes

£3000 TOTAL PRIZE announcement for the World Throwdown!
This is going to be a Fantastic event so we want a huge prize for our first year.

1ST PLACE £2100 = £1000 Cash, £1100 Jordan Kit
2nd PLACE (Total Value £500+) = £300 Cash, £220+ value of Jordans Heavy sandbags.
3RD PLACE (Total value £220+) = 4 x Jordans heavy sandbags.


We want Athletes competing to win so cool equipment for their gym. So we are pleased to announce our sponsors Jordans Fitness have supplied over £1500 of kit.
We will also be having daily prizes of thirst for each WOD for the winner of each day during qualifiers.
Check out our Sponsors Jordan Fitness Functional fitness specialists.


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