Latest news and information about our events and athletes. 

World Throwdown Day 1 WOD 16.1

On Day 1 of the World Throwdown Poland (Crossfit Veles) have the fastest individual time 11:43 but England (Crossfit Stags & does) have the fastest combined time with 24:54 on the leaderboard 24:54. Crossfit Veles have won the opening day prize of their countries T-shirt.  

World Throwdown Prizes

£3000 TOTAL PRIZE announcement for the World Throwdown! This is going to be a Fantastic event so we want a huge prize for our first year. 1ST PLACE £2100 = £1000 Cash, £1100 Jordan Kit 2nd PLACE (Total Value £500+) = £300 Cash, £220+ value of Jordans Heavy sandbags. 3RD PLACE (Total value £220+) = […]

Hero throwdown Final 2016

Big thanks to all the athletes, volunteers and supporters. It was a fantastic day and the Final really lived upto the hype. The different challenges the swim, run and Hero wod meant the athletes were constantly changing positions in the event. The final workout was: We had 7 Finalists competing in the Event, the qualifiers […]

Hero throwdown Final

Next Saturday the 17th @ 11:00am We will be having a fantastic day in the Milton country park. Starting with the Hero throwdown final where 12 athletes will compete in a massive workout (Swim, Run Crossfit). The workout will be tougher and longer than any Hero we have done for the qualifiers so be prepared. Athletes […]

Who is organising the world throwdown?

We are Crossfit Stags and Does in Cambridge UK. Cambridge is a very international city and in our 4 years as a Crossfit gym we have trained athletes from all over the world visiting from other countries and gyms. Our team & box also love traveling and visiting gyms around the world so would we […]

World throwdown Launch

The world throwdown is our latest event.  We aim to bring athletes and gyms from around the world competing on 3 workouts to find the fittest gym & country. About teams & how many?  Unlimited team size for each gym, this means your whole gym can compete in the workout. Your top to scores will […]